Do you need balloons for someone special or your next event?


We can do small orders of helium balloons on the spot in store, or you can make a booking by filling in the form below or giving us a quick phone call prior to collection!

Our latex balloons are 11 inch or 28cm. We stock standard jewel coloured bright rainbow coloured balloons and also softer pearl tone balloons.

Each balloon costs $2.30 including helium gas and hi-float. We stock printed balloons in many different designs, such as “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations” and also patterns such as polka dot and smiley face, which cost $2.70 each including helium.

We stock a variety of foil balloons to suit every special occasion and can inflate them on the spot after you have made your selection. Our bubble balloons are extremely popular, come in lots of fun and quirky designs and look just like a floating beach ball! Even better, they stay inflated for weeks and weeks!

We treat the balloons with “Hi-float” which  provides a much longer inflation time and allows you to collect your balloons the day before your special event.

Choose from free floating helium balloons on long ribbons, table and floor clusters or select a special arrangement.  Bouquets can contain a variety of coloured or printed latex, foil balloons or balloon bubbles in a big bunch, held down by a matching coloured weight.

We can create custom designs based on what you need for any celebration. We carry balloons for all occasions from new baby to 100th birthday and just about every possible occasion in between. Simply fill out the form below with your requirements and give us all the information we need to make your event extra special.